SYLVANIA Color LED Bulb (A19)



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Smart connected light.


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Product Description

Color LED bullb.

Product Features

  • Choose from thousands of colors and shades of white.
  • Requires a SmartThings Hub or a compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality.

Benefits with SmartThings

  • Control your SYLVANIA lights and other connected devices with the SmartThings app for iPhone or Android.
  • Automate your SYLVANIA lights with SmartThings and set them to turn on, off, or change color when doors are opened, when there’s activity in your home, and much more.
  • Manage your SYLVANIA lights and other connected devices with SmartThings Routines for Good Morning, Goodbye, Good Night, and more.
  • Control your SYLVANIA lights with voice commands using SmartThings and the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Technical Information

  • Model number: 73693
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 2" x 3.5" x 5.5"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Protocol: ZigBee
  • Power source: Wall-Powered

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